Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Celebration...TooToo Celebration.

Predators’ Jordin TooToo celebrates sobriety

So read the headline published in USA TODAY dated December 27, 2011 and written by a Josh Cooper.

According to my blog archive, written exactly one year ago, December 30, 2010, a headline reads, “TooToo Train…Who’s to Blame?” which was a post in reaction to the headline, “Jordin TooToo’s big step,” a story published in the GLOBE AND MAIL. That article outlined how Jordin had checked himself into a Rehab Centre under the NHL substance abuse program.

Fast-forward one year…how is Jordin doing?

“…one year later he has morphed into a stronger hockey player, a diligent member of the Nashville and hockey communities and a role model for multiple people.”

For those with addictions, it can’t be easy, in fact, it must be a very difficult process. Usually, it has to start from one’s self. For quite some time, the Nashville Predator brass had encouraged him to get help as they had said to him, “You have a problem and you’re not helping our team, you’re not helping our teammates. You have to have trust in what those around you are saying. We all care about you, please do this for us. More importantly, please do this for yourself.”

Back then; he was an insecure person. Nashville’s coach Barry Trotz had said, “He is in a lonely place.”

It’s no secret; the plight of Aboriginal people across Canada includes alcohol abuse. With Jordin in the public eye, he can’t but be held as an example. Today though, he can be held as an example as someone who has overcome.

Jordin returned to playing hockey on February 19, 2010.
Don Cherry, color commentator for CBC Hockey Night in Canada, had mentioned how Jordin was a different man and congratulated him on his contributions in last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

How’s his performance so far this year?

“TooToo has continued his rugged style of play with an added offensive flair. He’s on pace to produce 34 points, which would top his previous career best of 18. He has 11 points in his last 14 games.”

Furthermore, the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee established the Team TooToo fund in 2011. Its website says it helps “non-profits addressing suicide awareness and prevention, as well as non-profits supporting children and teens in need.”

Addressing any addiction starts from within. “I had it set in my gut that this was the time to fix things…but I didn’t know what to expect.” Apparently, only good things have happened.

Barry Trotz, Predators’ coach, has said, “He’s not so lonely anymore.”