Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pipeline Revival, People Survival

“Mackenzie Valley pipeline facing possible revival.
Revival of 500 million dollar fund signals renewed interest in project – and possible new route.”

So read the headline published on the CBC website dated, Oct. 25th, 2013.

Even after more than 40 years of deliberation and finally a 2011 permit to build the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline (MGP) and subsequent stall due to economics…yet, another dust-off for the MGP?

A prominent NWT Aboriginal member once said, “I’m kinda glad the MGP has not gone ahead, 20 per cent of our people could be lost.”


The social impact of money. The people know it and certainly the federal government does too. After all, they have recently revived the 500 million dollar social impact fund in case the MGP is to be.

"We are looking at all options here and there is more than one option for this pipeline," says Pius Rolheiser, Imperial Oil’s spokesman. Imperial needs to act quickly on an option as they have only until the end of 2013 to give the nod to the National Energy Board…to be or not to be.

As you may know, N.E. BC has been wrought with natural gas activity lately with a number of pipelines proposed southwest to Kitimat on BC’s west coast with eventual shipment to the Far East. So…why not connect the MGP while they’re at it?

Imperial has made a considerable amount of investment to the MGP throughout the years but what does it value the most?

"We made a significant investment in terms of our relationship with the people of the North as represented by the Aboriginal pipeline group and that is a terribly important asset to us."
The revival of the MGP will be great for the NWT economy but how ‘bout the survival of its people?

Hopefully, 500 million dollars will be a good investment too.