Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whistle-Blower...does it pay?

"WikiLeaks persists, founder locked up"

So read the headline in the GLOBE AND MAIL published December 8, 2010  and written by Elizabeth Renzetti and Doug Saunders.

It is written, "A whistle-blower is taken to be someone doing good, unleashing information that is publicly important, at some danger to themselves."

I remember a couple of years ago, I was involved in an oil and gas project. During that time, I felt it important to disclose information to upper management about questionable expenditures and activities that went on. Apparently, telling the truth is not always beneficial. I was perceived as a trouble-maker and immediately "let go" of that project.

Now, on a world-wide scale, the founder of WikiLeaks is now paying the price too. Julian Assange has been charged with sexual assault, totally unrelated to WikiLeaks. Apparently too, authorities/management don't like the truth and will make whistle-blowers know that it is clear and present danger.