Friday, October 22, 2010

A Kunuk Outlook?

Or should I say, Elders outlook.

“Kunuk’s done what no one else has: listened to the elders.
The Fast Runner director skips the “experts,” going directly to Inuit elders, and discovers their alarming views on climate change.”

Many of you will likely remember Kunuk’s first feature film, “Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner.” It was another project that no one else, let alone an Inuk, had ever done. That story went against the patronizing notion that Inuit are non-confrontational. Imagine…human beings non-confrontational?

Now, with Kunuk’s latest documentary, he has captured the perspective of Inuit Elders regarding the issue of climate change. An issue, in recent years, that has gained international attention especially where the effects will “hit the hardest…the Arctic.”  A lot of “experts” have given their perspective whether for or against the idea of climate change.

Kunuk says, “Over the years, nobody has ever listened to these people. Every time (the discussion is) about global warming, about the Arctic warming, it’s scientists that go up there and do their work. And policy makers depend on these findings. Nobody ever really understands the people up there.”

Apparently now though…guess what?

After a presentation on the elders’ views at a Copenhagen conference on climate change, “We had a litany of scientists come back to us, responding after seeing this news…”

As an Inuk myself, can’t wait to see this documentary. Will likely end up in true Kunuk style…telling it like it is.

“ The documentary deals strictly with the elders’ observations and their belief that they simply have to adapt.”

This perspective, of course, coming from a people who have adapted to the harshest climate on earth. I guess climate change is just another challenge…Elders’ style.